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Eros Delay Spray In Pakistan

Herbal & Safe Product

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Delay Spray

Imported From : Germany


Product size : 45

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Eros Delay Spray In Pakistan Detail

Eros Delay Spray in | 03007491666

Eros Delay Spray in Salepakistan Intimacy Is an Essential a Part of Maximum Loving . Yet This Very Special a Part of Our Lives Can Be Spoil Whilst the Man Orgasms Too Fast. There Need to Be No Disgrace Connecte to This Kind of Not Unusual Hassle. Eros Cream Is the Answers to This Problem. It Works via Manner of Lowering the Sensitivity of the Penis. Foreplay Can Now Be Extend as Can the Subsequent Sexual Sex. Eros Cream Are Available in Small Smooth to Hold Packs and Are Offer in One of a Type Gold Carton. Strive the Goods and Spot the Effect in Lovemaking Experience,

Eros Delay Spray Available in Pakistan : 

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How to Use Eros Delay Spray?

Wash Your Penis
Apply 15 Minutes Before Intercourse, a Normal Layer on Half Length of Your Penis With Your Finger Tips and Leave It.Do
Best Eros Long Time Delay Cream Price in Saleakistan
Free Shipping With Cash on Delivery, 100% Original & Imported No Side Effect, Gives Excellent Delaying Results.
Size: 15g
Made in England
Delay Timing Up to 30 to 35 Minutes

Timing Spray In Karachi,Herbal Delay Spray In Pakistan,
Decreases the Risk of Transfer to the Accomplice.
The Duration of Motion Is Typically Now Not Than 60 Mins. Eros Range There Want to Now Not Be Any Pain Related to Using the Product.

About Eros Delay Spray?

Intimacy is an essential a part of most loving relationships. Yet this very special part of our lives can be spoiled while the man orgasms too speedy. Untimely ejaculation can result in feelings of inadequacy or even inside the maximum loving of relationships may additionally reason resentment in the lady. There have to be no shame attached to this type of common trouble. Certainly acknowledging the state of affairs and locating an answer is the sign of a caring and loving associate. Eros cream is the solutions to this hassle. It works by way of decreasing the sensitivity of the penis. Foreplay can now be prolonged as can the following sexual sex. eros cream are to be had in small easy to carry packs and are presented in one of a kind gold cartons. Attempt the products and spot the effect in lovemaking experience.

Eros Delay Spray Doses and application methods;

Apply two or greater measured sprays as required to the top of the penis rapidly earlier than intercourse. Do now not exceed six sprays consistent with software. In each case,
The enjoy will determine the precise dosage and time interval required to fit man or woman necessities. High-quality results could be with a small dose and awaiting a few minutes longer earlier than lovemaking.
Eros spray ought to not be used more than 4 times in a 24 hour duration.
This product contains an emollient base, are non-poisonous and will now not damage rubber.
Do now not use if the skin of the penis is cracked or broken, as maximum nearby anesthetics are readily absorbed via broken pores and skin. For outside use only and for vaginal intercourse only


Eros Delay Spray for Men 14 ml. The original English delay formula for men. Fights premature ejaculation. Helps men prolong sexual activity instantly.This is the original English version – a very powerful delay spray – Ideal for men with long term premature ejaculation issues.
prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse,
needed by anyone who has difficulty achieving full sexual satisfaction because of premature ejaculation
content:-EROS delay SPRAY 14 ML and delay CREAM 15g
Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation
anyone who has difficulty achieving full sexual satisfaction due to premature ejaculation

Application And Dosage:

Apply The Spray On The Head Of The Penis
Wait 10-15 Minutes To Let It Completely Dry
Wash The Penis Before Intercourse To Prevent Your Partner From Getting Numb


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