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Priligy Tablets In Pakistan

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Side Effects of Priligy Dapoxetine Tablets

Priligy Tablets in Islamabad is a supplement formulation of herbal extracts. It has not caused any serious side effects in the majority of men who have used these tablets and are satisfied with the outcomes. Following are the side effects that can occur commonly:

Dapoxetine Pakistan is best 1-3 hrs after it is taken, but can sometimes keep its effects up to 12 hours.

Priligy tablets in Pakistan works around 8 in 10 men. These men should be seen twice or thrice by the time their erection lasts before ejaculation. Priligy is not a treatment and only works when you take it.


Tablets is a medication that treats premature ejaculation problem effectively and helps men to go for sexual activity with full of confidence. As it delays the ejaculation and helps men to discharge late or as desired. That makes the sexual activity more satisfactory and full of pleasure.  It has the following benefits:

Enhances the timing of intercourse that boost up the self-confidence in men
Improves erection capability by accelerating blood circulation
Improves sexual drive and libido
Long Drive Tablets enhance the sexual stamina
has no harmful effects as it is an extract of herbal and other natural extracts
It treats premature ejaculation effectively and increases intercourse timing

What Priligy Is Used For ?

Priligy Is A Treatment For Premature Ejaculation (Pe) In Men 18 To 64 Years Old Who Have All Of The Following :

Ejaculation In Less Than 2 Minutes Following Penetration, On Most Occasions, With Little Stimulation And Before The Man Wishes To; And
Marked Personal Distress And Interpersonal Difficulty As A Result Of Premature Ejaculation (Premature Ejaculation Troubles The Man And His Partner); And
Poor Control Over Ejaculation.
Priligy, Containing The Active Ingredient Dapoxetine, Is A Type Of Drug Called A Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (Ssri) And Belongs To A Group Of Drugs Known As Other Urologicals. Priligy Increases Your Time To Ejaculation And Can Improve Your Control Over Ejaculation And Reduce Your Distress Over How Fast You Ejaculate. This May Improve Your Satisfaction With Sexual Intercourse.

How To Take It :

Swallow The Tablets Whole With At Least One Full Glass Of Water.
Priligy May Be Taken With Or Without Food.
Avoid Alcohol When Taking Priligy.
Priligy Tablets Price Is 2500

Dapoxetine Side Effects:

Take The Tablet While You Want It About 1 To Three Hours Earlier Than Sexual Pastime.
Try Not To Take Multiple Tablet Once Every 24 Hours Because Of Expanded Chance Of Aspect

Results And Lack Of Extra Benefit.
Within The Event Which You Forget About To Take It.
As Priligy Is Best Taken When Wanted, It Isn't A Problem If You Forget To Take It.
The Amount To Take?
The Advocated Dose Is A Single Pill (30Mg), Taken While You Need It About 1 To Three Hours Before Sexual Interest.
Attempt No Longer To Exceed Taking A Single Pill In 24 Hours.

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