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Premarin Tablets In Pakistan

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Premarin Tablets In Pakistan,Premarin Is An Estrogen Only Hrt. ... Premarin 0.3-1.25Mg Daily Is The Usual Starting Dose For Women Without A Uterus. Continuous Administration Is Recommended.

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What Is Premarin?

Premarin Is A Hormone Replacement Therapy (Hrt), Used To Treat Women Who Have Started To Show Signs Of The Menopause.

How Does Premarin Work?

During A Woman’s Menopause, Natural Levels Of Oestrogen Production Begin To Drop. Premarin Contains The Female Hormone; Conjugated Estrogens, Which Work To Replenish A Woman’s Natural Levels And Offset The Effects Of Menopause.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Premarin?

Symptoms Of Menopause Include Hot Flashes (Of The Face, Neck And Chest), Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Night Sweats, Weight Gain, Thinning Of Hair And Mood Changes.
These Symptoms Can Often Disrupt Daily Life So Using Hrt Medication, Such As Premarin, Can Restore The Natural Hormone Balance.

How Do I Use Premarin?

Premarin Is A Prescription-only Medication. Always Follow The Advice Of Your Doctor And Read The Patient Information Leaflet Provided In The Medication Packet. Your Doctor Will Aim To Prescribe You As Lower Dose As Possible In Order To Treat Your Symptoms.
Take One Tablet Each Day, At Approximately The Same Time Of Day, By Swallowing Whole With A Drink Of Water. When You Finish A Pack, You Should Immediately Start The Next One, Leaving You With No Tablet-free Days.
If You Are Not Already Taking An Hrt Product Or If You Are Taking An Hrt Product That Does Not Give You A Monthly Bleed, You May Start Your First Pack Of Premarin At Any Convenient Time. If You Are Changing From An Hrt Product That Gives You A Monthly Bleed, You Should Start Premarin The Day After You Finish The Course Of The Previous Product.

Premarin Dosage :

Premarin Contains The Active Ingredient Of The Female Hormone, Oestrogen. The Tablets Are Available In Different Strengths And Your Doctor Will Prescribe You The Weakest One Possible.
The Tablets Are Available In Doses Of 0.3 Mg, 0.625 Mg & 1.25 Mg Of Conjugated Estrogens Per Day, To Be Decided Upon By Your Doctor.
If You Forget To Take Your Premarin Tablet Then You Should Take It As Soon As You Remember, Unless It’s More Than 12 Hours Late. In This Case, You Should Dispose Of The Missed Tablet And Resume Taking The Medication As Normal.
If You Take More Premarin Than You Should, Then You Should Have No Problems. However, You May Have Side Effects Like Nausea, Breast Tenderness, Abdominal Pain Or Drowsiness. If You Are Worried Then You Should Contact Your Doctor.


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