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Levitra Tablets In Karachi

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Product size : 4 tablets

Price : Rs. 2000 / Rs. 2500 Availability: In Stock

Levitra Tablets In Karachi Overview

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Levitra Tablets In Karachi Detail

Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Price In Karachi ?

Take A Levitra 1 Tablet About 25 To 60 Minutes Before Sexual Activity. With Sexual Stimulation You May Achieve An Erection Anywhere From 30 Minutes Up To Four To Five Hours After Taking Levitra. Swallow One Tablet With A Glass Of Water.

Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg How To Use

Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Film-coated Tablets Price In Karachi Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Price In Karachi 1- If You And Your Partner Are In The Mood Of Sex Then Sex Will Be Satisfying If You And Your Partner Will Experience Orgasm At The End. A Woman Will Not Be Happy If After Sex She Does Not Reach Orgasm. Levitra In Lahore The Chances Of Men Reaching Orgasm Are Always Higher Compared To That Of A Woman. Levitra Tablets Price In Islamabad When You Take Vigrx Tablet And Levitra 10Mg 20Mg 25Mg 50Mg And It Gives You A Wonderful Timing Sexual Stamina And High Libido Levels, And You Will Reach Sexual Time Several Times During Lovemaking.

Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg In Karachi

1 – Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg In Karachi One(1) Pack Price: 1999/-pkr.

2 – Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Price In Karachi Two (2)Pack Price: 3499/-pkr.

3 – Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Online In Karachi Three (3) Pack Price: 4999/-pkr.

4 – Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Original In Karachi Four (4) Pack Price: 6999/-pkr.

5 – Levitra 4 Tablets 20Mg Available In Karachi Five (5) Pack Price: 8499/-pkr.


This Tablet Has Many Benefits Which Are Given As.

It Improves Sexual Health.
Treats Erectile Dysfunction.
Play Role In Maintance Of Blood Flow Into The Penile Region.
Improve The Penis Thickness, And Strength.
It Is Effective To Use And Shows It’s Result Within 25 Minutes.
Levitra 20Mg Price In Pakistan Is Very Affordable.

Levitra Tablets Features :

Manufacturing: Buyer Of The German Company
Work Function: Increase Stamina ,Increase Erection Size, Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction-ed
Composition: Vardenafil
Brand: New Levitra Tablet (20 Mg X 4) Tablet Of Each Packet
Result : 100 % Original ,100 % Guaranteed,100% Result
Online Free Delivery At Home

Levitra Tablets Price In Pakistan 2000/-pkr

How To Use?

Take Levitra Exactly As Prescribed By Your Doctor.
The Tablets Can Be Taken With Or Without Food.
Levitra Is Taken Only When Needed, About 60 Minutes Before Sexual Activity.
Don’t Crush Or Tear The Pill.
Don’t Take More Than One Pill Within 24 Hours.

Common Side Effects Of Levitra Include:

Flushing (Warmth Or Redness In Your Face, Neck, Or Chest),
Runny Or Stuffy Nose,
Stomach Upset,
Back Pain, Or.

Which Is Better Viagra Or Levitra?

However, Because It Is The Generic Version Of The Medicine, Rather Than The Brand, Sildenafil Is Considerably Cheaper. Levitra Will Last For A Similar Amount Of Time As Viagra (Four To Six Hours). The Main Difference To Viagra Is That Levitra Tends To Be Less Affected By Food Or Alcohol So Can Be Taken With Meals.

Levitra (04) Tablets Price In Pakistan Is Rs : 2000.00 Pkr

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